Degu Heaven Tries To Provide The Best Rescue Service.

About Us

Our services involves rescuing Degu's from ill treated homes. We also re home Degu's that people can not keep any longer for what ever reason. This is a non profit rescue service, we operate on the Public donation. Donations go towards health care, food and new equipment. All donation will be recognized and you will receive a certificate. Thanking you for the kindness. Please donate £3. Thank You.


 The degu is a small rodent with a body length of 25.0 to 31.0 centimetres (9.8–12.2 in) and a weight of 170 to 300 grams (6.0 to 11 oz). It has yellow-brown fur above and creamy-yellow below, with yellow around the eyes and a paler band around the neck. It has a long, thin tail with a tufted black tip, dark sparsely-furred ears, and pale grey toes. Its fifth toe is small with a nail, rather than a claw, on the forefeet. Its hindfeet are bristled. Its cheek teeth are shaped like figures-of-eight, hence the degu's genus name "Octodon"


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